Ken Tyrrell's F1 Shed
Ken Tyrrell's F1 Shed

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Help? This Projects will require a lot of help from all manner of craftsmen and enthusiast. We will need everyone from unpaid Labourers who don't mind working long hours in poor weather conditions. To 'rich' Entrepreneurs who are prepared to help us raise the funds needed. Your reward will be the recognition of the rest of us that we could not do it without you.

Where will the Building go to? There is a grass area just next to the shop at Brooklands Museum which has been sugestedt for it. This is located right next to the Brooklands wooden sheds that British Motor Racing started from, over a hundreed years ago.

What part of the country is this taking place in? Surrey England, just South (and once moved just North) of Jun10 of the M25.

Would you like any Tyrrell memorabilia to put in the shed? YES very much so, but please understand we have to move it first.

When will the project be finished? How long is a piece of string? It is 11 years since we first talked about it and so it would be nice to complete it in 2021! However, the key thing is to complete it.

How do I make contact? We have all email details on the Contact Page.