Ken Tyrrell's F1 Shed

Abouts Us

It is early days for this project, but clearly this page will grow as more people join us. Those involved are listed below:-

The Major Parties involved in this project

Brooklands Museum. Weybridge
Brooklands Recovery Engineering And Salvage Team. Weybridge
ProMow Landscapes Ltd. Basingstoke
Peter Dron Motoringg Journalist
Club Green Ltd. Ockham


Abouts Ken Tyrrell

Ken Tyrrell was born on the 3rd of  May 1924 at West Horsley, Surrey. During World War II he served in the RAF and became a flight engineer. In the late 1940s he started ‘Tyrrell Brothers Ltd’ with his brother Bert, a timber business based in Ockham, Surrey. In 1951 Ken visited Silverstone and became hooked on motor racing.